Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Water damage to mold

When you have a water damage it is very important to have it handled by highly trained professionals such as SERVPRO. When a water damage is not treated and dri... READ MORE

The 4 letter word.... M O L D

Mold does not have to be a forbidden four letter word. Mold is only scary when not treated properly or by a professional. In this situation SERVPRO was not call... READ MORE

Moisture can cause MOLD

Moisture can cause MOLD! Mold is a complex thing and it is definitely something NO ONE wants to hear. Mold can be caused by moisture in any area for any reason.... READ MORE

Mold Happens

MOLD HAPPENS! As you can see in this picture MOLD happens. In this situation SERVPRO was called once the client realized there was a MOLD problem. After discuss... READ MORE


This basement had a mold problem and SERVPRO was called to assist. After assessing the situation SERVPRO knew that we could be of service to these clients and d... READ MORE


As you can see this bathroom suffered from MAJOR water damage from a burst pipe. Not only did this cause water damage it caused a mold problem. SERVPRO was cont... READ MORE