Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

White Plains, MD Storm Damage- Basement

When a storm hits it can affect a small portion of your home or it could affect a MAJOR portion of your home. A storm does not discriminate. In this situation t... READ MORE

When a STORM hits

When a storm hits it can be unpredictable. SERVPRO is only a phone call away. In this situation a STORM cause severe damage to the entire first floor of this ho... READ MORE

Basement Flooding

A rain storm can cause MAJOR damage in a basement when the sump pump backs up! Your Sump Pump should be checked regularly to ensure there is nothing blocking th... READ MORE

When rain comes inside

When rain comes inside it is not a fun time. Rain is great for your lawns but not your ceilings, floors or walls. When your gutters and storm drains are blocke... READ MORE

Rain Damage

Do you ever think about the rain and where it goes when it comes to your home? We all notice the gutters and the drainage system on the outside of the home but ... READ MORE

Storm Damage

When a storm hits it can cause all sorts of damage within a home or business. We urge people to pay attention to how your drainage system is structured as well ... READ MORE