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The Importance of Professionals

4/11/2022 (Permalink)

Building Heart We are here to help!

We can never accurately predict when the disaster will strike. But when it does, it is vital for us to understand that restoring damaged commercial property is a huge responsibility. In the case of commercial property, when it is the physical face of your company, it is always best to rely on professionals.

At SERVPRO® of Charles County and SERVPRO® of Oxon Hill, we provide:

  • 24 x 7 Response to your emergency from the restoration team
  • Experienced and trained technicians to guide you through the process
  • Commercial equipment capable of restoring fire, water, mold, and storm damage
  • Stress-Free claims process working with your insurance company
  • Limits to service disruption while working on getting you back in business

Whether businesses, apartments, hospitals, hotels, medical facilities, or educational institutions, SERVPRO® of Charles County and SERVPRO® of Oxon Hill are here to help! We offer the best restoration services for commercial buildings so that your business can start running smoothly again. We can be reached by calling (301)‌ ‌753-8313 for commercial restoration service.‌

Responsive, Ready and Qualified

3/28/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Charles County and SERVPRO of Oxon Hill are available 24 hours a day for emergencies, large or small. Depending upon the situation, immediate action may be crucial. A delay of just a few hours can greatly increase the severity of the damage.

We understand that when you call us, you may be feeling confused, stressed, and vulnerable. You need an expert to guide you through this crisis.
Serving our community for over 35 years, SERVPRO of Charles County and SERVPRO of Oxon Hill have the specific training and experience to help you through this tough time. 

We specialize in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke, or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our team is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Our Commitment to our Community

3/28/2022 (Permalink)

Children Holding Hands Communities begin with Children

Why choose SERVPRO® of Charles County and SERVPRO® of Oxon Hill? With many other choices available, we stand out because of our local ties and commitment to our community. We are not just about work, work, and work. At SERVPRO® of Charles County and SERVPRO® of Oxon Hill, we believe a strong and cohesive community can grow and flourish. We understand the importance and responsibility of giving back to the community. When you give back through donations, volunteerism, promotions, we broaden our horizons and perceptions of the world. We realize what actually matters and are thankful.

To demonstrate our commitment to our community, we continue to support the Children’s Aid Society. The Children’s Aid Society is all about improving the quality of life for struggling Charles County families and children. We stand behind their goal of offering basic amenities of life like food, clothing, holiday assistance and much more.

The importance of community service lies in the fact that it connects us to the community by improving it, and making it a better place for all of us to live in.  SERVPRO® of Charles County and SERVPRO® of Oxon Hill are here to help!

Exceeding our Customers Expectations

3/28/2022 (Permalink)

Exceed Expectations Exceeding our Customers' Expectations

After commercial or residential damage, it is necessary to begin the restoration process as soon as possible. Analyzing the damage on your own leaves behind many unnoticed areas that can cause havoc later or can lead to a bigger damage to your property.  SERVPRO® of Charles County and SERVPRO® of Oxon Hill are professionals equipped to take care of everything, from analyzing to repair and restoration.

Why SERVPRO® of Charles County and SERVPRO® of Oxon Hill?

  • Services on Time: We provide emergency services and are at your service as soon as you reach out to us for help.
  • Expert Personnel and Technology: We provide highly trained technicians who are familiar with advanced technology designed for property damage restoration. With IICRC industry certifications, our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.
  • Low Restoration Costs on High Quality Process: Our “restore first” mentality helps to lower costs and get you back in your home or business sooner. This focus relies upon our specialized training and equipment to restore your property back to pre-event condition.
  • Insurance Claim Handling: We are also experts in handling insurance matters. If you have no experience in filling the insurance claims, then we can provide stress-free claims process where we manage the insurance paperwork and process.

Trained experts of SERVPRO® of Charles County and SERVPRO® of Oxon Hill are available 24*7 for emergency requirements and are reachable at (301)‌ ‌753-8313.

Flash Flood Facts!

3/7/2022 (Permalink)

Flooded Road Don't do it! Stay Safe!

As severe spring weather begins to come into our region, it is wise to understand the importance of flash floods. A flood watch is issued when flooding is possible within the watch area. A flash flood is a rapid rise of water along a stream or low-lying area.  They can be produced when slow-moving or multiple thunderstorms occur in the same place.  A significant number of deaths occur due to flooding more than any other hazard related to thunderstorms. Accidents resulting in death commonly happen when vehicles are driven into hazardous floodwaters.  It is essential to be aware of many of the possible hazards and precautions to take during a flood watch or warning, including:

  1. Gather emergency supplies, including food and water
  2. Listen to your local radio or TV station for updates
  3. Have immunization records handy
  4. Bring in outdoor possessions
  5. If advised to evacuate, do so immediately
  6. Only drive if necessary, since only two feet of water can float most vehicles
  7. Do not cross flowing streams where water is above your ankles
  8. Do not drive through a flooded road
  9. Do not camp or park your vehicle along streams or washes
  10. Do not drive around a barricade as they are there for your protection
  11. Be especially cautious at nights as it is harder to recognize 

Let’s welcome Spring 2022 safely!

SERVPRO®‌ ‌of‌ ‌Charles‌ ‌County‌ ‌and‌ ‌SERVPRO®‌ ‌of‌ ‌Oxon‌ ‌Hill‌

(301)‌ ‌753-8313

Knowledge is Key

1/31/2022 (Permalink)

Key The more you know!

SERVPRO® of Charles County and SERVPRO® Oxon Hill works to support commercial and residential customers. Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we are ready to support you whether your facility is a hospital, school, college, apartment complex, hotel, casino or home. Our knowledge and experience at SERVPRO® of Charles County and SERVPRO® Oxon Hill is over 35 years plus strong and we are only getting better and stronger.

Our Crew Chiefs and Technicians are trained on the latest and most up-to-date technology which helps us stay on top of our game and fully prepared to deliver quality service to you. We are constantly learning and improving our skills. There is so much to learn in this industry that our guys are constantly searching for new and more efficient ways to help improve our abilities to handle disasters.  Additionally, we use the most recent equipment in order to provide the best for your property. No matter the size of your emergency, SERVPRO® of Charles County and SERVPRO® of Oxon Hill are here to help! What is better than having those that genuinely care, help you restore your home or business? We can be reached by calling (301) 753-8313 for water damage repair and restoration service.

Winter Warm and Cozy

12/20/2021 (Permalink)

Snow Covered Homes Snow Covered Homes

Although you may be all warm and fuzzy with thoughts of freshly fallen snow, a crackling fire and a warm mug of hot chocolate, damage that may come from a winter storm is infinitely less cozy.  Storm and flood damage can be devastating and occur when you least expect it. Storm damage may include flooding from heavy rainfall, snow, freezing pipes or roof leaks from heavy wind and driven rains. Here are some steps to make your home more resistant during a storm:

  • Protect potential wind and water entry points
  • Make sure roof shingles are secure using roofing cement
  • Make sure any openings or cracks by phone and cable lines are chalked up
  • Install proper weighted shutters to cover your windows and doorways
  • Invest in a heavy-duty garage
  • Protect and secure your HVAC system
  • Secure any loose item outside i.e., bikes and trashcans

But in the event your winter dreams of sugar plums fairies and candy canes turn into a personal version of the Grinch who stole Christmas, SERVPRO®‌ ‌of‌ ‌Charles‌ ‌County‌ ‌and‌ ‌SERVPRO®‌ ‌of‌ ‌Oxon‌ ‌Hill‌ are here to help! We can be reached by calling on (301)‌ ‌753-8313 for storm damage repair and restoration service.‌

Holiday Fire Safety Tips

12/20/2021 (Permalink)

Candles Beautiful Candlelight

During the holiday season, warm wishes, family time and good cheer come to mind, however, there are a few precautions that should be remembered because no one wants a reenactment of the infamous National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.


  • In the U.S., most home fires and accidents are cause by unattended cooking.
  • Anything that can catch fire must be kept away from the stove and it should be turned off when you leave the kitchen.
  • At least three feet around the stove and hot food areas, create a “kid-free zone”.


  • Create a three feet zone for heating equipment such as furnaces, fireplaces, wood stoves and portable space heaters.
  • Turn off portable heaters when leaving the room or going to sleep.
  • Never use an oven to heat your home. This is very dangerous and can lead to an electrical fire.

Christmas Trees

  • U.S. fire departments annually respond to an average of 160 structure fires caused by Christmas trees. 44% of these fires are caused by electrical problems, and one in five resulted from a heat source that’s too close to the tree.
  • Three feet zone rule which suggests that fireplaces, space heaters, radiators, candles and heat vents or lights should be followed for trees as well.  Make sure your tree is not blocking an exit.
  • Before leaving the home or going to bed, always turn off Christmas tree lights.


  • December is the high month for candle fires.
  • Keep candles at least 12” away from anything that can burn, and blow candles out when you leave the room or go to bed.
  • More than one third of home candle fires begin in the bedroom or in other areas where people may fall asleep.

Enjoy your holiday season safely!

SERVPRO®‌ ‌of‌ ‌Charles‌ ‌County‌ ‌and‌ ‌SERVPRO®‌ ‌of‌ ‌Oxon‌ ‌Hill‌

(301)‌ ‌753-8313

Ahh Choo!

12/20/2021 (Permalink)

Flu and Cold Season Flu and Cold Season

As the COVID pandemic continues to wreak havoc, we at SERVPRO®‌ ‌of‌ ‌Charles‌ ‌County‌ ‌and‌ ‌SERVPRO®‌ ‌of‌ ‌Oxon‌ ‌Hill‌ support your efforts to keep your business open and your employees safe. There are a few steps you can take to help keep your facility clean, sanitized and the viruses at bay.

Identify the frequently touched areas and regularly wipe them down

  • Focus on tables, door handles, sinks, fridge/microwave handles and coffee pots
  • Use disposable disinfectant wipes/paper towels
  • Recommended to wipe down these areas three times a day
  • Provide Hand sanitizer
  • Remind employee to clean and sanitize their desks
  • Invest in commercial cleaning services
  • Remind employees to stay home or take a sick day if not feeling well
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Practice respiratory hygiene

SERVPRO® of Charles County and SERVPRO® of Oxon Hill are STILL Here to Help!

We are being called on by many businesses and community leaders to perform the necessary bioremediation services to clean, disinfect and sanitize their facilities. SERVPRO® uses EPA approved products and follows CDC guidelines for all cleanup practices. We have years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform on a daily basis.

Many things have changed during these unprecedented times, but one thing remains the same. We are here to support our community and help get us back to normal as best we can.

Call today for your free Certified: SERVPRO® Cleaned evaluation today, (301) 753-8313.


12/20/2021 (Permalink)

Water damage in your home or business is a tragic event. The causes of water damage vary from a pipe bursting, leaking appliances, sewer backups, and or an extreme storm. In these events many people have no clue what first steps to take in order to deal with this flowing problem. Some of the immediate steps to take after water damage in your home and business include:

  • Turn off the power! If the water level reaches any electric sockets in the area, it creates a bigger hazard zone.
  • Call your insurance company. Contact an adjuster to assess the damage and determine if it is a covered loss.
  • Start water damage repair immediately. Mold can build up under wet surfaces within 24 hours.
  • Once all standing water is removed from your home or business, the area must be dried out removing all humidity. Air movers and dehumidifiers can help dry damp areas.
  • Determine what needs to be fully restored after water damage. Flooring and walls are typical a major concern in the restoration process.

We at SERVPRO®‌ ‌of‌ ‌Charles‌ ‌County‌ ‌and‌ ‌SERVPRO®‌ ‌of‌ ‌Oxon‌ ‌Hill‌ are here to safely ensure the water damage removal process is done thoroughly and correctly. Give us a call at (301)‌ ‌753-8313.