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Water Damage Testimonials

I'dlike to thank the guys who came in and did the work with SERVPRO who were professional and did an excellentjob cleaning and mitigating the damage. Shout out to Austin, Kendall, Eddie

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Thank you for all of the heavy lifting over the past few days- both physically and spiritually. 

You helped me through a very tough spot in my life and I am truly grateful for your help and support. 

The enclosed is a small token of my appreciation. I don't know what your company policy is regarding thank you gifts but quite frankly, I don't care. 

please use this to do something special for yourselves and your loved ones. 


Mary Lee Sadler 

Thanks SERVPRO, your guys were professional & helpful.

Thank you for helping us save as much walls as possible. We appreciate your work, education, and courtesy. Thank you!!!

Mr. Stroup shows excellent professionalism when discussing SERVPRO's services. He is remarkable working for SERVPRO and represents your company in the most desirable way and is very well trained! Thank You.

Very prompt, professional + courteous service. We were extremely pleased with the service.


Very courteous group that I worked with from 1st phone call to the very end!